Bumbl, which is a magnetic flatware set for families exploring the world of Baby Led Weaning, is designed with both caregivers and children in mind with the vision of simplifying the lives of caregivers while helping children exploring food blissfully.

Team project with Adam Fujita, Oscar de la Hera

In depth

UNICEF published a study early this year saying “there exists a range of research that provides support for the principles that underpin it, including the developmental readiness of infants to feed themselves using their hands, and their innate ability to respond appropriately to both appetite and safety.


The National Childbirth Trust organization based in the UK said “ there is no research evidence to show that spoon-feeding babies is most appropriate or that puréed foods are needed”.


Baby-Led Weaning will not suit all infants and families, but it is probably achievable for most.

Source: Rapley, G. (2015). Baby-led weaning: The theory and evidence behind the approach. Journal of health visiting Source: NCT’s journal on preparing parents for birth and early parenthood
Source: How Feasible Is Baby-Led Weaning as an Approach to Infant Feeding? A Review of the Evidence

Brand Pyramid

Brand Essence - Tools for Empowerment


Purpose and Promise - Building trust and healthy habits for families


Value and Attributes - Healthy lifestyle, Safety, Longevity


Personality - Trustworthy, Delightful, Bright, and Independent


Positioning - Occupying the negative space within the saturated baby product market by focusing on baby led weaning


Building Blocks - Family bonding, Independence, Exploration

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Introducing Bumbl

We Are



From our research, we identified "the mess" and dishes being thrown around, as the key pain points for the parents and caretakers of these explorative babies and from these insights, the bumbl was born.


Implementing our magnetic flatware set and placemat into your daily routine will save you the some of the stress and clean up time, allowing you to enjoy mealtime and to focus on your loved ones. Made from silicone and porcelain with safety sealed magnets in the base of the products, our flatware is sure to withstand the adventures to come.

Empower you children through exploration

Provide a product that last a lifetime

Evolve with your children

Create sustainable and ethically responsive products and services

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