Engender is a roving and interactive exhibition that explores the role of design in the construction of gender identities. Engender is the product of the Spring 2015, first year studio intensive, Design Performance. The work is part of the city-wide NYCxDesign celebration.

Engender website

The process

My role is idea generating, prototyping, costume making and filming this whole design experience in NYCxDesign week.

In Depth

Gender identity is a deeply entrenched but highly malleable social narrative that we manufacture, consume, and perform daily. Designers are complicit in the construction of these narratives and are uniquely positioned to envision and provide the tools necessary to building a more liberated society.

Engender invites visitors to play within the shifting world of gender narratives.


I came up with several interesting ideas concerning gender neutral clothing to be worn by the exhibition presenters, then developed several prototypes and pitched it to classmates. From there arose the idea of a gender neutral translucent silicone vest. The vest exemplified androgyny and the lack of color represented the invisibility of gender identifiers. The costume team made workable and wearable products. I was solely responsible for constructing the master sketch and laser-cutting the vest patterns for assembly. The silicone vests received accolades from students, attendees, and faculty alike.

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